Bear Bones, Lay Low na Oficinas do Convento


Concerto Bear Bones, Lay Low na Oficinas do Convento

6 Fevereiro 2019 | 21:30h

Oficinas do Convento

Cartaz-Bear-Bones12 anos depois de ter chegado à Bélgica, Ernesto Gonzales é tido como uma das figuras incontornáveis da cena psicadélica/experimental entre Flamengos e Valões.

Desde o kraut-rock satânico dos Silvester Anfang, ao drone profundo da dupla Steenkiste / Gonzales, o músico começou desde logo a bombardear o ‘underground’ belga desde que saiu da Venezuela: atitude que lhe deu o verdadeiro estatuto de ‘wünderkid” [prodígio] p’ra aqueles lados.

Bear Bones, Lay Low é o mais recente projecto de Ernesto, onde mostra a veia mais experimental sob a conjunção abrupta entre o analógico, o ecstasy e o digital.


Concert Bear Bones, Lay Low in Oficinas do Convento

6th February 2019 | 21:30h

Oficinas do Convento

Cartaz-Bear-BonesFor over a decade, this Venezuelan now long-time based in Belgium, has been creating psychedelic electronic sound by juxtaposing digital and analog sources with actual instrumentation. Using repetitive melodies and rhythms combined with dissonant sounds, BBLL wishes to induce a multilayered trance that allows solemn listening as well as ecstatic dancing in a mental space where the archaic meets the futuristic, where the earthly meets the cosmic. As an active musician in the country’s experimental underground he has also been part of numerous free music outfits including the late Silvester Anfang/Sylvester Anfang II and is currently active with the electronic duo Tav Exotic amongst many other projects. With releases on different labels such as Troglosound and Kraak, his most recent material has been released on the Rush Hour affiliated No Label series.